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She found my little button and began to concentrate all of her energy on it.
I grabbed my knees and pulled, trying to open myself up wider. This also gave me a better view of what Sandi was doing. She stopped for just a second and put one of her fingers in her mouth. She slowly drew it out glistening with her saliva. The long red nail toyed with my moist lips for a moment, then started to wriggle its way between them.

It felt so good that I thought I would explode. Sandi looked up at me and smiled, her face wet from the treatment she had been giving me, then her mouth went to work on me in earnest. The slurping sounds were audible now, as her long tongue drilled into me and her finger pumped back and form. My legs quivered, and my stomach muscles started to spasm as I began to shake all over.
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