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"...Out of control as her nightgown climbed over her hips, exposing her gustening pussy, I asked her who she would select to kiss to, and to my surprise she hissed the name of a close mutual friend, Julie. We spent the following weekend at Ivy's beach house. Julie and her friend also had a house close by. We all spent Saturday on the beach. I managed to get Julie alone for a few minutes, so I broached the subject of kissing her. She told me that she was sure her friend would never agree to it, but that she would sure be game. She said that Ivy and I should meet her later in the evening, adding that she would bring along a great many sex toys that we could all share while kissing each other... Nothing beats kissing another girl.
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We fell on the couch in a tangle of limbs and mouths, licking, sucking and groping. Julie kept repeating that she wanted to fuck and suck us at the same time. I watched Ivy pull up her skirt and pull down her laced-trimmed bikini panties. ~ DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE
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