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"...I am a twenty-two-year-old woman and have never married, but I have an active fantasy life that I occasionally get to live out. Recently, I broke up with a lover and found myself hornier than hell, plagued by naughty lesbian fantasies. One evening, facing yet another round of masturbation, I knew I had to feel something human—and not just my dildo— inside my hungry pussy. Then I remembered Gina, the pretty, young delivery girl from the pizza place down the block. She'd delivered several pizzas to my house and, unbeknownst to her, already played an active role in my fantasies. She was young, about twenty, and quite attractive. But while I'd undressed her many times with my eyes, I'd never gotten up the courage to engage her in anything but conversation. She was always very friendly with me, but I never encouraged her attentions. This time, however, I was ready for anything, and picked up the phone and treated her like the naughty girls she appeared to be. She came home at once...
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"...In no time I had her on my coach. Much to my surprise her pussy was swollen and hot like a pancake. This, of course, made me hornier than hell and I went down on her without hesitation. I must have licked her for hours because my jaws were starting to hurt, when all of a sudden I heard her loud scream and now the carpet was being flooded by her sweet juices. I couldn't resist her tangy pussy taste and I also came..."
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